Selected Equipment

– Moog, ARP, Serge, EMS, Roland, Paia, Formant, Buchla modular systems

– Synclavier, Fairlight and PPG digital systems

– Yamaha CS80, Moog, Sequential T8, Oberheim 4-Voice, EMS, Roland, Moog, polysynths

– Vintage mono synths from Moog, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, ARP, etc

– Drum Machines include Linn LM1, Roland TR808 & CR78, Simmons, Emu and many others

– Acoustic instruments include Yamaha U3X piano, Vintage Gretsch and Sonor Phonic drum kits, upright bass

– Various electric organs, pianos and string machines

– Numerous analog and digital delay units, reverberation including EMT (140 plate), Lexicon 224, outboard effects units from Avalon, EMT, DBX, Eventide, etc

– Soundcraft 2 inch 16 track tape machine, MCI console from 1974, Studer 900 series console from 1981. Both consoles have vintage and very different sounding mic preamps

– Lots of interesting Mics

– Mackie DXB and MOTU digital console and 24 channel recording system

– Quested main studio speakers, Yamaha NS10 and Auratone monitoring